A white house

A little more Shores and a lot more white.

For some reason I'm enjoying stitching white on this one - it must be the fabric (40ct Vintage Autumn Gold). And I don't seem to be having my usual cat fluff problem either (a fluffy black cat + white thread usually = disaster). In fact, I'm finding it hard to put this down. If it wasn't for a birthday present of Final Fantasy XIII I'd probably have finished the block already. But I'm finding it hard to put my new game down too!

In other news, I've become an allotment holder! Well, a partial one anyway. I'm sharing a small plot with two neighbours. We all put our names down last autumn and one of my neighbours has got a plot already. It's neglected and mostly grass, but it could be a lot worse. And as allotment novices it'll be plenty for us to start with. Any advice welcome!


  1. I love this house especially with the pretty tree in front of it. Your stitching is very nice!

  2. Great progress, Nicki!

    No advice on an allotment - I have absolutely no experience with growing vegetables, although now that I have my own home, I have given some thought to starting a vegetable garden. Good luck! I'd love to see some pictures!

  3. I'm really surprised that you're playing Final XIII!! I didn't know there were any "gamers" in stitchity blogland! Are you just a follower of that series really, or do you play others as well?

    Dear Marc and I met 5 years ago now via an online gaming community, and while I've been into stitching lately are truly a "gaming family". :P We stayed up until the small hours of the morning last night finishing up "Heavy Rain", lol. Marc was at the helm and I was stitching up a biscornu!

    I think your shores is looking lovely. Generally, I don't like stitching with white, though I do like how it looks on a warm ground like this.

  4. It's lovely, Nicki!

    And I'm so excited for your allotment. I really wanted to do that in Holland, but Niek managed to convince me it wasn't a good idea. Well, the owner here has said we are welcome to put in a garden and I've already put my first batch of seeds in (inside, of course). :D

  5. Very pretty work as always. Hard to choose between the stitching and the game, huh?

  6. Love the new house in white. As for the new garden, rip out the sod and work in lots of compost or dead leaves if you have any available. Raised beds work well as you can work around them.

  7. Shores is looking great Nicki - I need to get caught up...lol the next square looks so nice to stitch

  8. Lovely stitching, very pretty!

    I did share an allotment for a year with a friend, but then gave it up, too much with a f/t job and a dodgy back.

    My advice: yoga is very good for ironing out the kinks after digging.

    Double digging is v.hard work!

    Only grow what you can buy easily or cheaply in the supermarket. i.e. unusual varieties.

    Something else always wants to eat what you're trying to grow, so use nets to keep the birds off, investigate slug and mice deterrants.

    Prepare to freeze or preserve stuff as it usually comes in gluts.

    Do little and often and enjoy the fresh air and produce! :)

  9. Ooops that should be 'can't buy easily' duh!

    Also your allotment may have a shed/shop where you can get seeds and stuff cheaper.

  10. Great news on the allotment! I've thought about one too, but I don't like my chances of getting to it often enough. Looking forward to seeing what you grow.

    I have been looking a lot into veg gardens etc, and found that raised beds are great for so many reasons, including growing winter veg. Can't remember all that I read, just remembered adding it to the list of when I own my own garden :) There's also a great book called "On the Plot". I'd suggest tracking it down. It takes you through all the jobs over the different months. Have fun!

    As for the stiching - looks great. And I know exactly what you mean about the black cat :)

  11. Love that little white house. It's so pretty!

    Good luck with your allotment! You've already got some great advice!

  12. I can't wait to hear your allotment tales. In my heart, I want to dig in the dirt and grow things. The head, though, well, the head makes the legs run quickly whenever a slug appears. So, no advice here other than asking you to share pics! ;)

    I love your Shores progress! White just pops so nicely on that Autumn Gold, doesn't it?!

  13. Looks fantastic so far Nicki you are making great progress. And what beautiful Fabric :)

  14. Your shores house is looking mighty fine. Stitching white on that background would be nice.

    My hubby is playing FFXIII right now!

  15. It's a beautiful white house, it really looks like it's wonderful to stitch :) The tree in the front is so pretty too!

  16. Your white house is lovely - this is a great block.

  17. Your house looks lovely and really pops on the fabric. Congrats on your allotment!

  18. Wow you've got loads done on this block and it looks fantastic Nicki! I really like this one and I'm looking forward to getting more done on mine.

    My two girls went shares to get FFX111. The eldest played it quiet a bit over the weekend but now she's back at uni til Friday the youngest plays it as soon as she gets in from school!

  19. Your white house is looking lovely.

    How lovely to have an allotment. We are starting a vegetable garden soon and our plan is to grow the vegetables that we use the most and the ones that I love to use, but can't always get or can't afford.


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