Christmas stash!

I've nearly finished the stitching on Mimi's Tape Measure. It's so cute. I hope I can do it justice when I try to put it together. That'll probably be next week. We have a busy weekend with family, housework, work deadlines and gardening (I have some raspberry canes and strawberries that arrived this morning and need planting asap).

I need to get it finished because my Christmas stash finally arrived! I ordered this just after Christmas with a voucher and some Christmas money.

It's been a long wait but those threads are so worth it....

As soon as I finish the tape measure and my stocking I'll be starting this. My only problem is whether to do it 1 thread on 40ct or 3 threads on 28ct? The model is 3 on 28ct and I do have the fabric, which is lovely, but if I do 1 on 40ct it'll be smaller (and maybe more likely to get framed and hung up) and maybe I'll have enough thread to do the Quakers & Quilts sampler too (though I'm not sure whether I like that one enough to do it anyway). Decisions, decisions...

Well, posting and running today. The in-laws are coming for dinner so stuff to do. Including turning the first rhubarb of the season into a yummy crumble. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Can not wait to see the upcoming finish!! Love the new stash and look forward to watching you stitch it!

  2. Hello,

    your tape measure is so cute. I like this little stitching.
    I have the same pattern from rosewood manor. I want to use valdani twist and a 40ct linen. The pattern is so wonderful.


  3. Lovely stitching as always. Looking forward to seeing the new pattern.

  4. You know, this box of threads looks exactly like a box of macarons! How lovely to receive a Christmas gift after Easter :)

    Rhubarb makes the best desserts! :)

  5. I love the thread box for your Quaker piece--it looks better than a box of chocolates!

    Lovely progress on the tape measure!

  6. The tape measure is so beautifully stitched! Congrats on the new stash, the threads look really yummy.

  7. Oh what a colorful and pretty post, Nicki! I love your threads. :D

  8. OMG I'm SO pining for Rhubarb! :D

    QD is a great project; I think you'll be loving it either way. I'm doing mine as recommended, but am thinking over making Q&Q on a smaller linen and stranding the pearl. :)

  9. I can't wait to see Mimi's tape Measure made up. i already like the look of it!

    I love your Christmas stash. Look forward to seeing your WIPs on that one!

  10. Love the tape measure, I look forward to seeing it completed. Those threads look so great.

    Mmmm rhubarb, yum!


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