Saturday, June 12, 2010


Evergreen by Blackbird Designs
Fabric: 30ct St Valentine's Blend by R&R Reproductions
Threads: GAST Dried Thyme, Harvest Basket and Pomegranate

A lovely chart this one, though maybe I should have stuck to the recommended threads as in the end I'm not sure about my colour choices. The Pomegranate was recommended but the other two I chose because I had them spare in my stash. In fact, both use leftovers from several skeins and the colours don't quite match, so my perfectionist self is a little irritated. But by the time I realised (they looked more matching when I picked them) it was a bit late to change my mind. I expect I'll get used to it, and as Isabelle and I were talking about how the need to have things perfect has changed so much over the years (have a look at any antique crafts and you'll see what we mean), I will just think of it as my retro sampler!

You might not have noticed, but I am in a bit of a stitching slump. There have been days when I've not sewn at all and other days when I've had to make myself pick up a needle. Hobbies should be fun, so I decided to give something else a bash for a while. And here it is - I've started knitting!

I used to knit (my gran taught me when I was little), but the last time I did any was when I was a student. So I bought a ball of wool in a sale, dug out my Good Housekeeping craft book that Grannie gave me when I was a teenager, together with her knitting bag and needles (which have been carted round the world for the last 20 years) and retaught myself. I'd completely forgotten how to cast on but the rest came back instantly. And it was fun. I'm just doing a scarf right now because I wasn't sure I'd enjoy it again, but I'm already eyeing up other patterns and wools!

And just because, here's a closer peep at my gran's knitting bag with some amazing old needles and crochet hooks...


  1. I think Evergreen looks lovely!
    I get that way too about matching colors, but as you say, very shortly we get used to it. I think in a way, it even makes it more a part of us that way.

  2. Evergreen looks wonderful !

  3. Just love "Evergreen". I know I MUST get this chart soon. I really like your color choices. Don't change a thing!
    Ah, the contents of the family knitting familiar is that for me? I use my great-aunt's knitting/crochet supplies.

  4. I think that Evergreen looks great - I wouldn't change a thing or be irritated by it. And I hear you on the stitching slump - I'm stitching a lot less than I was, but I picked up quilting instead. I think that we all go through phases.

  5. Evergreen is beautiful - colours are lovely. Congrats on getting back into the knitting.

  6. How wonderful to have your Gran's knitting stuff! :D I love the idea. And of course I'm a HUGE fan of knitting. Shall I send you my shoe size? ;)

    Evergreen is glorious. :)

  7. I discovered your blog while hopping and love all of your stitching. Evergreen is pretty and I do like the colors you chose. Your stitching is beautiful.

  8. Anonymous7:49 pm

    It looks great Nicki! I love the colours of your new scarf too - told you knitting was like riding a bike! ;)

  9. I think your Evergreen looks very pretty!

    Sounds like you have some wonderful memories of learning how to knit. Enjoy your project, and I love your yarn!

  10. Wow Evergreen is gorgeous Nicki!

    Your scarf looks lovely. I have my Mum's old knitting bag and needles.

  11. Evergreen is fantastic! I think you made great substitutions!

    I hear you on the slump. Yesterday I didn't pick up a needle at all. I figure it's my hobby and it's okay if that happens. Lucky you with the stuff from your grandmother--it makes it a bit more special when you can use stuff that your grandmother used. :)

  12. Evergreen looks great!

  13. Beautiful finish on Evergreen!