Introducing Sarah and other things

I did tell you not to hold your breath for knitting photos didn't I?! I didn't plan on being away this long, but you know how it is...

It's been a busy few months here. Lots (and lots) of work, a fair bit of stitching and quite a lot of knitting and a new additon to the family. May I introduce Sarah... (please ignore the stains on the chair - ahe threw up a LOT in the first week we had her - very stressed kitty)

I saw a photo of Sarah just before Christmas and fell in love. She'd been dumped on the doorstep of a local animal shelter and they were looking for a new home for her. So off we went and she's now been with us for three months. She's still very nervous but she's a real sweetie. She follows us around, loves attacking our feet and bites ours hands a lot for attention. Trevor has been a complete angel and is slowly winning her over. Lulu is less sure, but we're all getting there! Last week was her first adventure outside - she's been too scared to go out - and she's slowly getting used to it.

I need to take a photo of my stitching, but here are some knitting photos taken over the last few months...

Annis Shawl knitted with Old Maiden Aunt 100% merino in Ysolda

Curling Mitts knitted with Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Pink Millipede

Tudor Grace knitted with Old Maiden Aunt merino/bamboo in Last Night's Red Dress

Holden Shawl knitted with Old Maiden Aunt merino/cashmere/nylon in Red Red Rose


  1. Good to hear Sarah is settling in well - and those knitted goodies are all to die for, you've got a real talent for it, that's for sure! :D

  2. Your knitting is just incredible. I mean, wow. I love the shawl, but it's all gorgeous. And congratulations on your beautiful new family member!! :D

  3. Sarah looks like a sweetie, congrats on your new addition :) Your knitting is stunning Nicki! I love all of it!

  4. Are the curling mitts named for the pattern or do you actually use them for curling (the game with the rocks and ice and brooms)?

    Yay for animal rescue! Stella says so even though you rescued a cat.

  5. Hi Nicki,

    Your new little cat is so adorable and
    I'm so glad that you've given her the
    loving home that she deserves. I
    commend you for the patience that you
    and your DH (and the other cats) have
    shown as she settled into your home
    and began to trust and accept you as
    her new family. Poor little thing.

    All your knitting projects look
    beautiful and it's not hard to figure
    out why you've become so enamored with
    creating magic with knitting needles
    as well as with x-stitch needles.

    Love the lacy look of the shawls and
    the colors are outstanding. The
    Curling (??) mitts are cool too with
    a really pretty pattern woven into them.

    There is never enough time to devote to
    all the wonderful needle crafts that we
    love is there? Not to mention other
    fun activities such as reading.

    It's nice to hear from you again.
    Take care.

  6. Good to see a blog from you! :D

    Congrats on the new addition to the family and your beautiful knitty finishes.

  7. Lovely knitting Nicki. You've picked some beautiful colours.

    Aww Sarah is so cute!

  8. Sarah is such a sweetie :)

    You've been so busy with your knitting. You already know how much I love these - such a great taste in patterns and colours you have :)

    Give a scratch to the three beasties for me! :) (((hugs)))

  9. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Nicki, I am loving your knitting. Its awesome, what fantastic work you have been doing. Bless you taking in Sarah. Shes lovely and i would love to see some recent photos. Has she settled in?

  10. Looks like Sarah has found a good home with lots of knitted items (and that means yarn!) to enjoy. The shawls are gorgeous! I especially like the pattern and texture of the fingerless mitts. All beautiful!

  11. Welcome back, Nicki! I love your new kitty, Sarah...she is really pretty!

  12. That Tudor Grace shawl/scarf? is awesome. Where is the pattern available?


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