Flowers in thread and wool

I've been dividing my crafting between stitching and knitting this week. It works well as knitting too long makes my fingers ache - especially on straight needles.

Here's Leanne's House block 2.

It's ticking along but there's still a bit of stitchery left to do - there's a lot on this block.

And here's just one of my knitting projects.

It's Miss Doolittle (as in Pygmalion/My Fair Lady) - a glorious scarf from Anne Hanson knitted in Old Maiden Aunt merino/bamboo in the colour Dreich. It's still on the needles so it will stretch out and open up more when it's blocked.

There are fingerless mitts and a neckwarmer to match this (the pattern is called Eliza) and I intend to knit all of them for various people at some stage.

Old Maiden Aunt is by far my favourite yarn and I'm really, really looking forward to seeing it all in person this Saturday when I visit Knit Nation in London.


  1. Lovely. I'm going to knit nation this weekend too. Maybe I will see you there.

  2. Both stitching/quilting are stunning as always :)
    OMG Blogger is giving me the irrits - after 6 failed attempts at using my wordpress ID, I'm commenting using my retired blogger ID ho-hum :/ Sadly some of these new comment forms in templates just don't like to play nice with non-blogger platforms :(

  3. Please, please, please have that scarf as your train project on sat, I'd really love to see it in person. I've promised a friend to kit her some scarves for xmas, and love the look of this. Woild be tempted to do the matching mitts for her too.

    But since your craft time does of course not revolve around me, I'll forgive you if you choose a different train project :)

  4. Gorgeous stitching and knitting!

  5. I love that scarf pattern and you're doing a beautiful job! Your quilt pieces are darling as well.

  6. I love your stitching, very beautiful, and the scarf is gorgeous, you have been busy!

  7. I'm so glad you picked up Leanne's House again - I loved this project from the start :) this block is looking so pretty!

    Have a GREAT time at Knit London. :)


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