My feet still ache...

...from a busy day shopping at Knit Nation!

Well, not all shopping, we did take a class, but it was certainly a fair bit of walking round the stalls. As there were only a couple of dozen stands we managed to spend an incredible amount of time looking at yarn!

I met up with Nic, who I have known from a stitching BB for ages, and I have to say it is SO nice to have someone to go round the stalls with. It would have been fun by myself but it really does make a difference having someone else to look at stash with. We have expensive tastes though - all our favourites had silk in them! We'd never met before but she is lovely and it feels like we are proper friends. Wish we lived a bit closer together - although at least we are in the same country, which is more than can be said for all the other blogging friends that I have met! We also met up briefly with Paula, which was lovely. I'm sorry it was so brief - time just flew by.

First up was shopping. We made a bit of a mistake by looking at yarn on the Old Maiden Aunt stand but going round the whole lot before going back to buy. It had sold so fast in the hour in between that some of the colours I wanted had sold out! There was still a fair bit left though (blurry phone pics):

We met Woolly Wormhead, who was lovely and got me to try on some slouchy berets that actually fitted my huge head and didn't look too bad on my frizzball hair.

We also got some lovely Fyberspates lace yarn and pattern books to go with it. Eventually we will have matching laceweight cardigans! (That might be a long time to wait on my side though!). Here's the lovely stash...

We had a class with Cookie A, where we learned how to read cable charts. It was good and worth it just to sit down at that point I think! She's also lovely. Knitting people all seem to be!

And of course we met Ysolda and I got a copy of her Little Red in the City book.

I started reading it on the train back home and I have to say it is well worth the money. In just 30 minutes of travel I learned why my ribbing looks a bit sloppy on the first knit stitch and how to fix it (if you want to know how you'll have to buy the book!) And each printed copy comes with a code that you enter online to get PDFs of the whole book. Amazing. And very trusting too.

It was a great day and I hope they manage to do it again. I may need to go for 2 days next time!


  1. That looks like an awesome day! Very nice new stash...very restrained purchasing too, lol!!!

  2. Glad you had a fun day.

  3. I do need to get that book but it'll have to wait. I'm impressed how well I held out against the combined urging of you band Ysolda to be bad. I like the idea of two days next year, so long as I can take the following day off to recover. And I'll have to save up before hand so I can spend more :)

  4. It sounds like a fantastic day! Woolly Wormhead--what a great name.


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