Not another blog post!

Thank you so much to everyone who's commented on my recent posts. It had been so long since I last posted regularly I'm amazed there is anyone out there still reading!

I'm suddenly getting a lot more free time. I've gone from working 60-hour weeks to actually having weekends and even the odd day off. Still plenty of work, which is good, but a bit of leisure time too. I'm still knitting but I've actually been stitching too - working away on a Celtic Sampler.

I started this last July but never posted a photo. It's on Lakeside Linen Sand Dune (I think) and it's halfway done. I'm actually not that enamoured of it, but I had the chart and threads at the time and I think it'll look good when it's done.

However, what I've really been wanting to do is some patchwork. This is all Isabelle's fault!

Readers of Isabelle's blog may have seen that she's started a podcast (I really recommend it). Well, I met Isabelle last summer (she is as lovely in real life as she seems on her blog), so I was especially pleased to hear her voice chatting away. In her first episode she talks about Amy Butler yarns and patchwork fabrics and I got to thinking about lovely fabrics and my neglected patchwork quilts that I haven't had time to get to. And this afternoon I got them out and finally did some stitching!

It took me ages to figure out where I'd got to and what needed doing next, but hopefully there will be some progress soon.


  1. I love this Celtic sampler...what is the name of the chart, please?

  2. Gorgeous sampler .......... and OMG I'm so happy to find someone else who has started and not finished that BOM. lol
    I'm up to about block 4 I think, I should really get it out and get stitching!

  3. What a gorgeous sampler!!!!

  4. That's a gorgeous sampler you're working on! Glad to hear you have a little bit more time for yourself. :D

  5. Love your Celtic Sampler! Glad to read that you're having more time to stitch and knit, good for you.

  6. Your sampler is really beautiful!


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