Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Autumn Tints and Basket Weave

Well, after enjoying last weekend's block for the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt so much, Nic and I decided to do two blocks this week. I was away at a wedding party for a fair bit of the weekend, but I took the first one with me and started and finished it at the hotel. The second got finished last night. So here's Autumn Tints (a little creased from the trip):

And Basket Weave:

I decided to do Basket Weave as the layout in the book, even though it does look a bit like a Nazi symbol. But I like the beige fabric arrangement, so it's staying.

I was going to post photos earlier, but I had problems taking any. It's wet and miserable so it had to be indoor photos, and Sarah has taken to following me around like a puppy!

She's fuzzy in this one because she moved, but oh so cute!


  1. Very pretty blocks this week. And they look good together, especially with the fluffy black addition :)

  2. I have a fluffy black and white helper but usually she just sits on the bed and I have to work around her! Too busy sleeping....

  3. love the colours for your blocks they are so warm and soft.
    It's good to have fluffy helpers.