Monday, August 29, 2011

Bat Wing and Big Dipper

It's been a lovely bank holiday weekend so far. Iffy weather (we had a massive hail storm on Saturday!), but time with friends, time with crafts and time with family later today.

Here's the result of yesterday's Farmer's Wife quilt stitching. Bat Wing...

...and Big Dipper. I think this one is my favourite so far.

And here are all the blocks. I need to add more red and different shades of brown but there are over 100 blocks still to do so plenty of time to change the fabrics round.

And as usual I had a little shadow helping me!

P.S. To answer a couple of questions, yes, I am hand piecing all the blocks (and for the person who asked it just means I hand sew all the seams, no sewing machine needed :) They're all just finger pressed at the moment too, so no iron needed either! I'll hand quilt as well, as my sewing machine is very basic and I have far more confidence in my own hands than in it!


  1. Your Farmers Wife blocks look lovely, the colours are very pretty, are you hand sewing them all?

  2. Nicki I am so impressed with your hand piecing! Looks gorgeous! The Farmer's wife has been on my wishlist for a while - yours will be lovely!

  3. They look great. The shades of red and blue go so well with the browns and lighter colours you've chosen. I really like how they all look together

  4. lovely blue in the big dipper block. They are starting to accumulate.

  5. What pretty colors. I really admire the fact your are hand piecing the blocks!

  6. Nice progress - I can't believe you are doing that all by hand - I definitely don't have the patience for that!