An autumn project

At this time of year I always get a desire for brown and berry coloured clothing - blackberries, damsons, plums - purples and rich deep pinks. I haven't found the right coloured purpley-pink yarn yet, but I have found the right brown and purple, and the right pattern to knit too.

This is my swatch for Catkin, a lovely shawl in two colours. I'm using Old Maiden Aunt merino in Bramble and Midnight Owl. (I'll leave you to figure out which colour is which - the names are a good clue!)

It's not a perfect swatch because it was done after a walk down the river to the next village, a lovely, relaxing, boozy pub lunch in the sun, a walk back and another glass of wine in the garden (with Lulu supervising of course). It was a gorgeous day and the river was stunning and so peaceful - one of my favourite places in the world.

Knitting of the actual shawl has started and it's ticking along very nicely thank you.


  1. Oooooh!That's so utterly scrumptious and gorgeous! LOVE it!!

  2. Oh, how heavenly the swatch-with-yarns pic is! I feel like I would love a little cube-box just that size made with 4 more and a bottom. Too gorgeous for words, truly!

    Amazing shawl progress, also. :o

  3. Love it. I was going to start it, using the lon-dubh and bitterbug I got at Knit Nation, but then saw the bit about drapey bamboo yarns not working. Realised I'd have another damask on my hands (started then ripped out in disappointment coz the pattern didn't show). So for now, I'll live this one through you. So hop to it, I wanna see more ;)

  4. Lovely start! The colours are beautiful.

  5. Those colours are awesome! Such a perfect purple and brown.

  6. Oops! Looks like my comment didn't go through.
    I was saying these two colours look great together! Love this bramble shade - anything named bramble has me sold. :p
    The day you swatched sounds like a perfect day indeed! Even Lulu agrees :)
    And such nice progress you've made on this already. Looking lovely!
    Have a great weekend, dear Nicki! xx


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