Birds in the Air and Bouquet

Here at last are rather belated photos of last weekend's Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks.

First up is Bouquet, which has turned out to be another of my favourites so far. It took me ages to pick the fabrics because I started thinking it needed a cream background. Once I switched to the turquiose one it went far better.

The harder block this week was this one - Birds in the Air. Lots and lots and lots of little triangles. Fun though :)

And here they are so far - just 100 or so to go!


  1. A great antique look with your fabrics!

  2. Pretty! This week's blocks will be a lot quicker and easier. Two colour blocks and a lot less pieces.
    It was hard getting all those points in the bird block to line up wasn't it. Yours looks great.

  3. Coming along nicely. I also like how, everyone who's commented so far is a Ni(c)kki of some stripe. Which is true for me too. I'm using my pseudonym. We Nic(h)/k/ol-e/a's stick together I guess.


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