Buzzard's Roost, Calico Puzzle and shopping!

I did mean to post these earlier in the week, but after the excitement of Catkin came a day out in Cambridge shopping with Martin's mum. We had a great time (I do love going round shops with her), and as usual whenever I go out with her I came home with lots of goodies.

First up though are this week's blocks. It was a windy morning when I took the photos so here's Buzzard's Roost with corners that are flying in the breeze - appropriate for the name I guess!

Here's Calico Puzzle...

And here they all are so far.

And just for Nic, here are my new boots (and a handbag from the market and a puff from some Rowan Fine Tweed I also bought). I was so lucky with the boots. I would have probably bought some floral DMs at another shop if they'd had my size. But they didn't so we tried somewhere else and they had these - only made for this store so not available anywhere else. I'd seen the longer ones and loved them, but I have long boots already so was settling for the 8-hole floral ones. These were perfect - it was meant to be!

There's a big red winter coat on the way to me too! Had to order my size. I'm definitely set for winter!


  1. The blocks are great. I especially like calico puzzle this week. Your collection so far is beautiful - they all go together so well.
    Love the boots. I can see why you had to get them. I'm looking forward to seeing the coat too. Just curious, what made you decide to add the rowan tweed to your hex-puffs?

  2. I really like the calico puzzle block!! Your quilt is really coming along.

  3. Your quilt blocks are gorgeous! I love the boots too, what a find!

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