Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anyone out there?!

I'm still here! Not sure anyone else will be after so long, but hello anyway. It has been a while hasn't it. Hmmm. Not sure why but let's try again.

So what have I been doing in the last nearly 8 months? Lots of work, lots of everyday stuff and lots of knitting. Since I last posted I have finished:

3 pairs of fingerless mitts
1 pair of wristwarmers
8 shawls
1 baby blanket
7 pairs of socks
2 neckwarmers
2 scarves
2 cardigans

Not a bad haul!

It's hard to know what to show you first, so let's start with the mitts. Here is Veyla, knitted in Old Maiden Aunt merino in Last Night's Red Dress.

Here is Oktober Zest, Knitted in Briar Rose Fourth of july (I have to make a matching infinity scarf to go with these still).

And here is Wussypillows, knitted in Malabrigo Sock Ravelry Red (and I have to make the matching beret to go with these!)

As we're on hands I may as well show you the wristwarmers. These were for the MIL for Mother's Day. They're Echo of bells in Old Maiden Aunt sportweight in Dreich.

And there was a matching scarf to go with them....

And another scarf in the same pattern but longer for my mother. This was the same yarn but the Jasper colourway.

Well, hat's it for today. I will try and be back more often and show you the rest. There are some lovely things to share, even if I say so myself!


  1. Lovely to see you blogging Nicki :) I just love everything you do and you choose some gorgeous wool too.

    I started my Holden yesterday!

  2. Hi, Nicki - I'm still here! I love the fingerless mittens - so cute!

  3. I almost dropped my ipad in shock when I saw a new post from you in my reader ;)

    Welcome back! Though, I'm wondering if you stayed away so long just so you could have an impressive "what I did" list :)

    I hadn't seen your jasper scarf, you snuck one by me. All beautiful work

  4. Lovely to 'see' you back!

    Some gorgeous finishes there - no wonder you haven't been blogging. It looks like you have been very busy.

  5. Hello, I'm still out there! I feel the same about my blog. Finally got a new laptop and a hi-speed connection, started posting like crazy and it seems there's nobody out there anymore. I do the "Facebook Thing", like you, but it's just not the same, is it. Love all the "handy" finishes. You do such beautiful, complex work. I have mastered the feet....meaning basic socks, but have yet to make anything for the hands. I have that as a new goal. Would love to see some photos of your cats if you get a chance.

  6. These are all gorgeous!

    ~LidiDi (your fearless co-leader on NW)

  7. welcome back from your blogging 'break'.
    Lots of lovely knitting happening. Love the creative names for the designs and wools. So exotic.

  8. Nicki,

    I bow down to you! 26 completed projects in 8 months? I better get a move on. Love all of your projects. (Bobbie in Anchorage)

  9. Hi Nicki, welcome back!
    All your finishes are gorgeous, can't wait to see the 8 shawls!

  10. Anonymous1:06 am

    Hi Nicki, glad to see you blogging again.

    You've been busy: wonderful pieces

  11. Everything is so utterly gorgeous!

  12. Welcome back Nicki.

    All the finishes are lovely, congratulations

  13. Hi Nicki! I'm happy that you're posting again. I'm just now catching the knitting bug, and your finishes make for great knitting inspiration. :) Are you still stitching? Looking forward to your next post.