Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's going on?

Well, I haven't blogged or read blogs for the longest time, but this morning I got the urge to start again. There's really been far too much to catch you up on since I last blogged regularly, so I'm going to start right here and now by saying the snow has almost gone, there's no work right now and not much to be done around the house, and so I'm going to do a bit of knitting and maybe dig through my stitchy stash.

I might frog the bind off on this shawl and redo it. I ran out of yarn but a lovely friend gave me hers to redo it in the proper colour...

And I might keep knitting on the blanket I am working on. I don't have enough yarn to finish it but I'm putting my head in the sand about that.

As for stitching - it's been so long we'll just have to see what I can find!


  1. Wow, that shawl is spectacular - congrats! It's good to see you pop up in the reader again :-)

  2. Welcome back ,Nicki. Love the shawl!

  3. Welcome back.
    Is the blanket the one you were going to make in jupiter?
    I'm planning to dust off some stitching too. Just have to finish this wedding present that is monopolising my time.