A little stitching takes a long time

I dug this out last week. It's Martin's Napoleon picture that has been about 7 years on the go, on and off (rather more off than on I have to admit). Every year I seem to get it out, do another page or two and put it away again. He made a plaintive request the other day, so out it's come again. After several days I have a fraction more done.

You can see the start of an arm now but it is, oh, so slow! The sky was much faster - fewer colours. It's all looking very green but he doesn't seem to mind, so I will keep going for a while longer. Maybe this year I can get a good bit of it done.

I have been knitting too, and the good news is that I now have enough yarn to finish the blanket I showed you a few weeks ago. I helped a friend out on her yarn stall on Friday and I got paid in yarn. I love that sort of job. Shame it doesn't pay the bills!

And I got this last week too - gorgeous cashmere fingering weight yarn as a late Christmas/early birthday pressie. It's begging to be turned into a cardigan.


  1. It's good to see you stitching and blogging again Nicki.

  2. Was he spying on us the day we were in London and talking about you picking this up again? :)
    Maybe we should have a stitch-very-little day instead of a knit-very-little day one weekend soon :)

  3. Some projects are like that, I've got one where if I manage 2 pages a year I think I've had a good year on it... it's not that I don't like it, it's just that working on it is strangely frustrating!
    Looks terrific though

  4. Keep plugging away!

  5. Gorgeous yarn :)

    Keep plugging away at Napoleon, he's starting to come together


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