A new beginning

It's been a very long time since I felt like blogging, but things have changed dramatically for the Plush household and I felt now was the time to restart.

First - we moved. And not just any move. Once again we packed everything up (well, the shippers packed everything to be exact), and departed for the opposite side of the world. We are now living in Napier, New Zealand.

4 weeks ago I left my job, waved Sarah off on her trip (she went first and had 10 days in quarantine), threw a farewell party for close friends and neighbours, sat in a corner while the house was packed around me, and then got on a plane.

So far, it's definitely been a good move. Things feel familiar and there's absolutely no sign of any homesickness. Napier is great and apart from missing friends it looks as if it might all go well.

Accompanying me on the trip was Martin and a large bag of yarn (only one suitcase each but who needs that many clothes...)

The yarn has steadily grown from its humble beginnings. It's the Attic 24 Cosy Stripe Blanket, which I've been wanting to do for a while (in fact, having started this I now want to make all of Lucy's blankets!)

It was started while I sat on a wrapped chair while the house was being packed.

It got worked on when we arrived in Auckland, and then when we arrived in Napier and were staying in a hotel for a couple of nights.

It's grown steadily ever since...

And it's now two-thirds done.

It was a good thing to choose to bring because although today is lovely the rental house we've got gets really cold at night at the moment and our furniture (with extra bedding and blankets!) is still 6-7 weeks away.


  1. What a cute house! Sarah looks to be loving all the windows. I envy the gorgeous view and the new blanket seems perfect for this new venture! Hugs!!

  2. How lovely to see your new surroundings, and especially that Sarah has joined you. Moving can be stressful ( I know from experience). Having your crafty items and loving pets around certainly makes the transition easier. Good luck on your new adventure. Hope to see many more blog posts soon on the progress of this lovely blanket and on sweet Sarah!

  3. WElcome to the Southern Hemisphere Nicky!
    Hope your new life brings you much happiness.
    Loving your crochet blanket, I am in the process of making my second one and have also made Lucy's ripple blanket. Her instructions are great to follow.

  4. Welcome back to NZ Nicky! Now you're just up the road, we'll have to plan a catch up sometime! Love your crochet blanket, wonderful colours. Have a good week!


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