Blue thread and beads

There's not a lot to report here this week except for the exciting fact that we should have a sofa later today! Hooray! It's arriving a couple of weeks earlier than expected. It'll be so nice to have something else to sit on.

I've been doing a lot of blue stitching. One dolphin and a moon and stars.

And some beading. The beads that came with the kit got accidentally shipped, but the wonderful craft store that's just 5 minutes walk away had exactly what I needed.

And for a bit of colour, here's my crochet blanket. The edging isn't finished as I ran out of the Copper colour yarn with just a tiny bit to go. As soon as we have a bit of money coming in I'll order some more (and maybe another blanket kit!) and finish it off.


  1. Lovely stitching!

  2. Such beautiful work on both projects. How lucky to have a craft shop just 5 minutes walk away!

  3. Love all the detail on your cross stitch project, lucky you found the beads so close by.
    Great work on you crochet too, it's very moreish too, especially seeing as you are already planning your next one

  4. Gorgeous stitching. OH the blanket you are making is stunning. I LOVE hand crocheted blankets. I have some my mom made and they are warm. The pattern you made should keep you warm too. So beautiful! love Annette

  5. Hi Nicki!
    I've been away from blogland lately too and today I was really happy to see new posts from you, and what a news, you're back in NZ!!
    I'm crocheting the cosy stripe blanket at the moment too.
    Loving yuor TW stitching.
    Hugs Valentina

  6. My hats off to anyone that finishes a TW. They are very tine consuming but well worth the time and effort.


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