Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stitchy news

It's been years since I stitched regularly - 5 or 6 years actually - and I'm really getting back into it again. I'm missing knitting, but although I found a little yarn I haven't found most of my needles and the few that I did find aren't the right size for the yarn I found (isn't that typical!)

I did start a swatch the other day on the wrong size needles in the hope that my tension might be off enough for the wrong needles to be the right ones (and if you don't knit, that sentence will make absolutely no sense at all), but I need to wash and dry it before measuring.

Of course, I could buy more needles but we're being careful with money and I do have plenty to do, so I just have to be patient!

I have bought something though. We had money in our paypal account so I bought my first stitching supplies for about 6 years. These are from Blackbird Designs and pretty much out of print now, so I had to get them when I found an unsold set online.

I've been a fan of Blackbird Designs for years, so I'm very happy to have these. I've not bought many of their limited edition charts and I really regret not getting some of them when I could.

Here's one I did get - Summer Basket.

And here's my other stitching - a long-neglected Heaven and Earth Designs piece, Shakaasha.


  1. I like that you're stitching again. Maybe I will one day too.
    Your knitting woes makes me sad. And tempts me to send you a knitting care package

  2. It's great to see you stitching again, Nicki!

  3. Wonderful!! How timely - I just posted on Friday my BB design!!!! Isn't it nice when the stitchy mojo returns? I totally get the knitting thing and I hope it worked out - I love to try to make what I have work if it will - good job!

  4. It's nice that you are stitching again. My sister did the Blackbird seasons, and they turned out really pretty.