We have stuff! Last Tuesday a big van showed up and an hour later our garage was full. (The van wasn't just for our stuff - we don't have THAT much!)

Almost everything is still in boxes in the garage because we're hoping to move again before Christmas. We're trying to buy a house, so it's not worth unpacking just to pack again. So far we've unearthed:

  • A bed. (Oh, the bliss of sleeping in a bed for the first time in 3 months. It seems huge after a small mattress on the floor)
  • A toaster. (The grill in our rental property is pretty useless. Toast takes half an hour, so it's a simple joy to be able to have proper toast again)
  • A big cast-iron dish for cooking almost everything!
  • A decent vegetable peeler. (I'm still trying to find the grater, zester and decent knives) 
  • Assorted cross-stitch stash! (I've unearthed a bit of a mix - some charts but not all of them; some started stuff but not all the charts or threads that go with them. The guy that did the packing seems to have managed to muddle everything up nicely...)

In the meantime I've nearly finished Tradewinds, so it's a good job I've found two WIPs with respective charts and threads and one Blackbird Designs chart that I'd kitted up. There's no sign of any yarn or patchwork stuff yet.

And here's my new start.


  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Tradewinds looks gorgeous, Nicki!

    Sounds like maybe you have an opportunity to catalogue your stash when it all comes to light (ah, ignore me, I'm an incorrigible librarian!)

  2. Yay stuff!!!!! Tradewinds looks amazing and there are few designers better than Blackbird - enjoy!!!!!

  3. Ah lovely news - stuff! what would we do without it ... am getting a bit of a cross stitch itch lately, might have to join you :-)


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