End of 2007 stitching report

It's that time of year - a look back on what I've achieved stitching-wise. I don't think I'll finish anything else this year so here it is:

Started the year with: 23 WIPs
Ended the year with: 21 WIPs

1. Coffee Menu (Little House Needleworks)
2. Strawberry Garden (Blackbird Designs)
3. 'A' pinkeep (A Mon Ami Pierre) - gift for Anne
4. Coeur Encadre (De fil en aiguille) - gift for Karen
5. Early America (Little House Needleworks) - gift for Becky
6. Redwork exchange for Barbara
7. HAED RR round 3
8. HAED RR round 4
9. The Token (Long Dog Samplers)
10. Midnight Feast (Inspirations) - gift for my nephew
11. Bluebird's Message (Blackbird Designs)
12. Pinkeep exchange for Myrna
13. House exchange for Barbara
14. Morning Berries (Little House Needleworks)
15. Quaker redwork set (With My Needle) - gifts for Sue
16. HAED RR round 5
17. Little Critters exchange for Terry
18. Redwork gift for Myrna
19. Toccata II (Drawn Thread)
20. Quaker Stocking (Carriage House Samplings)
21. Summer seasonal exchange for Barbara
22. Harvest House exchange for Katrina
23. M is for Mother (Victoria Sampler) - gift for my mum
24. HAED RR round 6
25. Redwork exchange for Amy
26. Leaf (Benf Creek) - Harvest Time exchange for Marie
27. Spot of Autumn (Drawn Thread)
28. Little House Needleworks exchange for Cathy
29. Quaker Friendship Sampler - RR completed!
30. Autumn Song (Blackbird Designs) - Autumn seasonal exchange for Barbara
31. Spot of Winter (Drawn Thread)
32. Their Song (Blackbird Designs)

Finished but needs 'finishing'
1. Spring Snapperland (Bent Creek) - buttons to finish it completely on order
2. Winter's Eve (Chatelaine) - bellpull hardware on order
3. Winter House exchange - stitching done, needs finishing

Worked on:
1. Blackstone Fantasy Garden (Ink Circles)
2. Carriage House Samplings alphabet
3. Earth (HAED)
4. Napoleon (Golden Kite)
5. Pompeii Garden (Chatelaine)
6. Tomboy (HAED)
7. Evening in the Park (Chatelaine)
8. Fruit & Floral Wreath I (Teresa Wentzler)
9. Garnet (HAED)
10. Beatrix Potter's Quaker Sampler
11. Autumn in My Garden (Mirabilia)
12. Medieval Times (Chatelaine)

And how did I do on those goals? Well, not too badly actually! I'm pleasantly surprised. I didn't get everything I wanted to done but I did reduce the WIP list - even if only by a count of two. And I enjoyed myself, which is the main thing isn't it?!


  1. Looks GOOD to me and everything you've done has been MIGHTY fine :)
    Congrats on your accomplishments and I wish you much luck in your future endeavors!
    Happy New Year!

  2. That's an impressive list Nicki!!! Congrats on completing so much wonderful stitching!!!

  3. Congrats Nicki, you have been busy. I started with 16 wips and only got 3 of them finsihed. I will still have that many this time next year prob as I have some presents to stitch before I can get back to mine WIPs.

    Guess they will become UFO's lol

    Hugs xxxxx


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