Spring exchange for Barbara

Hooray - Barbara has received the spring exchange I stitched for her. I was going to be so organised this time - I ordered a chart back at the beginning of March. A few weeks came and went and it hadn't arrived. The LNS said Hoffman were out of stock but it would be in the next batch. More weeks came and went... By early May the LNS and I gave up and I decided to stitch Garden Flowers by Stone and Thread instead!

I did it on Lakeside Linen Pear in 40 ct and I changed some of the threads. There were loads of colours and all overdyed ones, so I played a bit with colours I already had. Then I was inspired by Becky to turn it into an oversized pinkeep.

I've really enjoyed stitching for you Barbara - it's been fun!

I have more stitching to share but I'll save it for another day. Must get back to work. I will leave you with a second photo though. Remember the tale of the tabby on the bed? Well, we think we've been adopted. Tabby has been with us solidly since Monday and shows no sign of wanting to leave. The girls aren't bothered, so he can stay if he wants. He's quite young. We'll give it another week or so before we name him, then it'll be off to the vet for the snip! Here he is - quite at home.


  1. The pinkeep is beautiful Nicki... and Mr Tabby is adorable, what a sweet face!

  2. The pinkeep is gorgeous! And your kitty has such a sweet face :-).

  3. Lovely pinkeep, Nicki! You have a great eye for color and your stitching is perfect as always!

    What a sweet Tabby! It's cool that he adopted you and your family!

  4. Gorgeous pinkeep!

  5. Anonymous4:28 am

    You did a great job with Barbara's exchange, it's beautiful!

    Love your new addition to the household - he's so cute :)

  6. My sister (a cat lover in every way) once told me "You don't choose a cat, the cat chooses you." Maybe that really is the case :)

    That pinkeep is fantastic!

  7. A simply beautiful pinkeep; the colors you chose were perfect!

    I was wondering if the kitty was still around. Congratulations on being adopted!

  8. I love the pinkeep, Nicki - it has place of honor where everyone can see and admire it. :D You did a wonderful job with the colors and the cool 'big pinkeep' finish. :D

    That Tabby is a handsome kitty. Enjoy!

  9. What a fabulous pinkeep for Barbara! Such a pretty design and beautifully stitched and finished.

    Tabby knows when he's on to a good thing! He's a handsome devil!

  10. Awww, obviously it was just meant to be with you and Tabby. Glad you're letting him stay (like you really had any choice in the matter, lol).

    Garden flowers is beautiful, and looks great finished as an oversized pinkeep.

  11. What a delightful pinkeep for Barbara!
    Hurray for Tabby :) I hope the thought of having a non-black cat isn't too disturbing. ;)


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