October stitching report

I did a bit of finishing yesterday. This is something I've been meaning to do for ages, but I'm actually glad I didn't do it earlier in the year as I was able to use the lovely lace and buttons that Goldie sent me as part of her Shepherd's Bush exchange.

This is the Quaker Friendship RR I did last year with Anne, Barbara, Becky, Karen and Katrina. The fabric is some pretty toile I picked up in New Zealand and have been saving for something special (I used it for the backing too), and there's the lace and buttons. I love the buttons - ones you can cover yourself and they were so easy to use. I have two left for something else.

And here it is displayed in the little back room with some of my other stitching stuff.

Thanks again ladies for stitching with me. Even Martin thought it was nice and that's praise indeed!

And while the sewing machine was out I did a bit of patchwork. Thanks to a great beginner's book a friend recommended (The Sampler Quilt Book by Lynne Edwards) I'm much more confident in cutting and piecing now, and here are my first two blocks for the Antique Flower quilt. I'm really pleased with them!

So that ends up October - the year is flying by.

Cathy's LHN RR
Pumpkin Patch exchange

Finished stitching
Shaker Spool Holder

'Finish' finished
Quaker Friendship RR pillow


Made progress on
St Reatham
Royal Holiday
CHS alphabet
Antique Flower Garden

Total WIPs: 23
Total of unstitched charts in stash: 139

Review of October goals:
Post Autumn House exchange DONE!
Finish and post Cathy's LHN RR DONE!
Stitch and post Pumpkin Patch exchange DONE!
Stitch a block on the CHS alphabet DONE! (border done)
Finish blocks for months 1-2 on Antique Flower Garden finished two for month 3
Get at least halfway on Royal Holiday a fair bit done but not half...
Finish Shaker Spool Holder stitching finished, needs putting together!

November goals
Stitch and post Winter exchange for Isabelle
Stitch and post Joan's LHN RR
Stitch a block on the CHS alphabet
Finish a page of Napoleon
Finish at least three blocks of Antique Flower Garden
Do the finishing for something - anything counts!


  1. Oh WOW! What a gorgeous pillow. I love the colour and fabric is absolutely perfect too. It's beautiful.
    BTW, what is the name of the easy sewing or patchwork book? I need all the help with sewing that I can get.

  2. Your pillow looks perfect. Great finishing job!!

  3. Oh, beautiful finishing! It is so lovely!

  4. Anonymous1:37 am

    O.M.G!!!!!! Nicki, your Friendship Sampler pillow turned out beautifully! It's absolutely stunning - great idea, great choice of fabric, trim, buttons - everything is just fantastic! (Can you tell that I love it?! ;) )

    The quilt blocks look good too and you've done so well on your goals this month :)

  5. Anonymous2:27 am

    WOW! Your quaker RR pillow is just... amazing? fantastic? gorgeous? I don't find the right word... It's breathaking beauty, really very very impressive work - and design, and finishing looks perfect! :)

  6. Anonymous2:32 am

    What a gorgeous pillow. I love the matching buttons, how did you do that??

  7. Wow! What a great finish!

  8. The pillow is gorgeous.

  9. Absolutely beautiful pillow! Stitches, buttons, lace! What a finish!
    Your quilt blocks look gorgeous!!
    Can't wait to see more!

  10. OMG...that is a beautiful finishing

  11. The pillow is beautiful!

  12. Lovely! Absolutely lovely. Congrats on the finishing, the quilting and a month's worth of accomplishments.

  13. Lovely finish! The lace and buttons embellish it perfectly :)

  14. It's a lovely pillow! Nice job on your goals and good luck with next month.

  15. The pillow is just gorgeous, congratulations

  16. Wowsers, but that's super gorgeous, Nicki! Big round of applause!

  17. I just love your pillow - what a great way to sho off the stitching

  18. Oh my, that pillow is just GORGEOUS! Wonderful finish, well done! Quilting looks great too.

  19. I love the way you've finished your RR, it's stunning!

  20. Wonderful finishing job! The colours are so sweet for this design.

  21. I love your finish, Nicki! I have so many finishes that I'm never going to be able to afford to get them all framed - maybe I should look at making cute pillows like this one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. WOW to your Quaker cushion.

  23. Hi love your blog and all your work, I just noticed that you live in Herts so do I! I'm in Carpenders Park just outside Watford where are you?


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