More RR stitching

My mixed expeience with the Little House Needleworks round robin has not put me off completely. Last week I sent off the first round of a new RR - but this one is with some stitching bloggers I consider good friends and I know if something goes wrong it won't be anyone's fault!

Anne, Barbara, Karen, Katrina and I are stitching the Ackworth Friendship book together. It'll be such fun! It's almost the same group that stitched the Quaker Friendship sampler, so I'm using a similar pink so my book coordinates.

Karen's has arrived and I've already done a little bit as the colours she's chosen are so lovely - piccie soon!


  1. I am so glad that we're doing this RR together. I have SUCH happy memories when I look at the Quaker we all stitched together last time. :D

  2. What a beautiful colour

  3. Anonymous8:13 am

    Yours is so pretty Nicki! :)

  4. Beautiful squares and great RR idea!

  5. What a nice RR theme. Great Start.

  6. It's going to be lovely!

  7. This is a great RR theme. I am glad that you haven't been put off by our RR. I must say that I am a little bit wary about joining any others for the time being.

  8. Hi Nicki

    Just checking you're OK, I sent you an email on 6.3.09, maybe you didn't receive it, so I have just resent it. Hope to hear from you.


  9. Hope you can post soon. I miss seeing your beautiful needlework. Rose(cross stitcher and SAHM)


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