Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stitchy news

It's been years since I stitched regularly - 5 or 6 years actually - and I'm really getting back into it again. I'm missing knitting, but although I found a little yarn I haven't found most of my needles and the few that I did find aren't the right size for the yarn I found (isn't that typical!)

I did start a swatch the other day on the wrong size needles in the hope that my tension might be off enough for the wrong needles to be the right ones (and if you don't knit, that sentence will make absolutely no sense at all), but I need to wash and dry it before measuring.

Of course, I could buy more needles but we're being careful with money and I do have plenty to do, so I just have to be patient!

I have bought something though. We had money in our paypal account so I bought my first stitching supplies for about 6 years. These are from Blackbird Designs and pretty much out of print now, so I had to get them when I found an unsold set online.

I've been a fan of Blackbird Designs for years, so I'm very happy to have these. I've not bought many of their limited edition charts and I really regret not getting some of them when I could.

Here's one I did get - Summer Basket.

And here's my other stitching - a long-neglected Heaven and Earth Designs piece, Shakaasha.

Monday, November 16, 2015


We have stuff! Last Tuesday a big van showed up and an hour later our garage was full. (The van wasn't just for our stuff - we don't have THAT much!)

Almost everything is still in boxes in the garage because we're hoping to move again before Christmas. We're trying to buy a house, so it's not worth unpacking just to pack again. So far we've unearthed:

  • A bed. (Oh, the bliss of sleeping in a bed for the first time in 3 months. It seems huge after a small mattress on the floor)
  • A toaster. (The grill in our rental property is pretty useless. Toast takes half an hour, so it's a simple joy to be able to have proper toast again)
  • A big cast-iron dish for cooking almost everything!
  • A decent vegetable peeler. (I'm still trying to find the grater, zester and decent knives) 
  • Assorted cross-stitch stash! (I've unearthed a bit of a mix - some charts but not all of them; some started stuff but not all the charts or threads that go with them. The guy that did the packing seems to have managed to muddle everything up nicely...)

In the meantime I've nearly finished Tradewinds, so it's a good job I've found two WIPs with respective charts and threads and one Blackbird Designs chart that I'd kitted up. There's no sign of any yarn or patchwork stuff yet.

And here's my new start.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Still waiting...

Well, it's been a couple of weeks but there's not been a lot to blog about here.

I've done some stitching and it's coming along.

We got our sofa, and Sarah loves it! (We like it too - it's good to have a proper bit of furniture.)

We're still waiting for the stuff we shipped, and we're trying to buy a house. That doesn't appear to be progressing very fast either. I suspect the vendor is hanging out for a better offer. It's all a bit frustrating!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Blue thread and beads

There's not a lot to report here this week except for the exciting fact that we should have a sofa later today! Hooray! It's arriving a couple of weeks earlier than expected. It'll be so nice to have something else to sit on.

I've been doing a lot of blue stitching. One dolphin and a moon and stars.

And some beading. The beads that came with the kit got accidentally shipped, but the wonderful craft store that's just 5 minutes walk away had exactly what I needed.

And for a bit of colour, here's my crochet blanket. The edging isn't finished as I ran out of the Copper colour yarn with just a tiny bit to go. As soon as we have a bit of money coming in I'll order some more (and maybe another blanket kit!) and finish it off.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Waiting for ships

I thought I'd show you what our home in NZ is like. We've been here just under 2 months now and we have a few things, but we're still waiting for the ship with most of our stuff (it still seems to be on an extended cruise round China!)

It's a nice-looking house that gets the sun in the living room all day long. It's got a lawn and a small deck. It's clean and neat, but we're not sure how long we'll be here, as the rent is high and the road is noisy.

This is the living area. It's small but the floors are gorgeous. We have a sofa bed to sit on and a table that the landlady let us borrow.

The sofa bed is fine but after 6 weeks it was getting really uncomfortable, so we're now sleeping on the mattress bit on the bedroom floor. Still not great, but better! Getting up off the floor first thing on a cold morning with stiff limbs is a bit slow, but Sarah is happy with it as you can see!

And we have an office. We bought two desks and chairs and a Mac so we can do some work. Here's Martin gaming and I've been on Ravelry. Some things don't change!

The other ship in this story is the one on my stitching - and I'm happy to say this one's arrived!

I'm really pleased with my progress.

Friday, October 02, 2015

No stitching today

Sarah has declared otherwise...

Who me?

I'm far more important than stitching!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Stitching again

A few months ago I started cross stitching again. I finished a Teresa Wentzler kit that I'd had for years (I can't show you the finished piece as it's in a box on the sea!), and started another.

This is Tradewinds. It was another kit that I got ages ago and I have no idea where it came from - ebay I suspect.

It's the only stitching I have with me, which is a bit of a shame as my stitching mojo is back full force for the first time in about 5 years!

Because it's a Teresa Wentzler there are a lot of blended colours and some over one bits too, so hopefully it'll keep me quiet until the rest of my craft stash arrives.

I'm working on the sails in the daytime when the light is good, and I'm doing back stitching at night (the lights in our living area are a bit dim for stitching).

It's looking a bit creased - the iron is also on the sea in a box! I hope you like it as I'm going to be showing you a lot of it over the next month...

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rainy days

Well, we're all settling in here slowly. We're still waiting for our belongings (currently sailing round China and due in about another month), so it's still a bit weird. We have a sofa bed, two desks, a chair, and kitchen basics. This often means taking it in turns to eat breakfast if one bowl is full of leftovers from dinner the night before, and I had to eat soup from the saucepan the other day!

Days are fairly quiet. We're setting up our websites and I have some studying to do. The last week has been especially quiet as it's rained, and rained, and rained.... After a month of sunshine we needed the rain, but not quite that much all at once!

We wondered why there was a drain in the lawn and we found out!

Sarah was happy to sit on the windowsill and watch the weather (she LOVES the windows and windowsills in this house!)

And I almost finished my crochet blanket. Just the edging to go...

This means I've almost used all the yarn I brought with me. Just a sock and a bit left to knit and leftovers to use up. I'm stretching out the sock knitting as long as I can!

Once that's done all I have left to do craft-wise is the cross stitch I brought along. I'll share that another day.

Monday, September 07, 2015

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Just setting up the link properly.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

A new beginning

It's been a very long time since I felt like blogging, but things have changed dramatically for the Plush household and I felt now was the time to restart.

First - we moved. And not just any move. Once again we packed everything up (well, the shippers packed everything to be exact), and departed for the opposite side of the world. We are now living in Napier, New Zealand.

4 weeks ago I left my job, waved Sarah off on her trip (she went first and had 10 days in quarantine), threw a farewell party for close friends and neighbours, sat in a corner while the house was packed around me, and then got on a plane.

So far, it's definitely been a good move. Things feel familiar and there's absolutely no sign of any homesickness. Napier is great and apart from missing friends it looks as if it might all go well.

Accompanying me on the trip was Martin and a large bag of yarn (only one suitcase each but who needs that many clothes...)

The yarn has steadily grown from its humble beginnings. It's the Attic 24 Cosy Stripe Blanket, which I've been wanting to do for a while (in fact, having started this I now want to make all of Lucy's blankets!)

It was started while I sat on a wrapped chair while the house was being packed.

It got worked on when we arrived in Auckland, and then when we arrived in Napier and were staying in a hotel for a couple of nights.

It's grown steadily ever since...

And it's now two-thirds done.

It was a good thing to choose to bring because although today is lovely the rental house we've got gets really cold at night at the moment and our furniture (with extra bedding and blankets!) is still 6-7 weeks away.